Dave Haddad


"Playing soft is not my forte"

Dave Haddad is a busy Los Angeles based drummer and recording engineer who has established himself as the premier drummer for famous Persian Music artists as well as a highly respected music producer in the LA music scene and beyond.  His determination, belief in himself, good work ethics and fate have created great opportunities for Dave and he now performs along side some of his childhood idols,

other fantastically gifted musicians and living legends in the world of entertainment.

D Haddad 

Dave Haddad's second full length CD under the pseudonym CenterPeace is now available!  

"Global Chilling" a 12 song instrumental compilation of theatrical world fusion music which is Dave's most ambitions works to date.  Follow the links to order speedy delivery of your physical copy. 

Pictures taken while on tour:

With Googoosh at the LanXess Arena, Cologne, Germany

Live performances and Studio Productions:

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Gruvpig Music


Dave's drumming featured

in the movie "300"

founder of the band “CenterPeace