Photo by Payam Arzani

Dave's drumming featured in the movie "300"!!

Founder of the band “CenterPeace

The Hollywood Bowl - Hollywood, California

The Beacon Theater - Manhattan, New York

The Hollywood Bowl - Hollywood, California

Photo by Roxan Hartstein

Photo by Payam Arzani

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Photo by Payam Arzani

Dave Haddad

The Dolby Theater, Hollywood Ca. at the show

Convention Center - Istanbul, Turkey

Live performances and Studio Productions, see: Video

Photo by Dave Haddad

View the BBC broadcast here!

Photo by John Watkins

Preparation + Dedication + Perseverance + Patience = Your Success

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​​Dave Haddad is a world class LA based drummer versatile in all genres of music

but considered by many to be the 'go to guy' for Persian and World Music.

Respected recording engineer/producer and owner of The Womb Recording Studio.  

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D Haddad 

Dave Haddad's second release "Global Chilling"

is a 12 song instrumental blend of world, fusion, jazz and theatrical with dynamic performances, arrangements and mixes. Downloads available everywhere...

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Photo by Dave Haddad

Cologne, Germany

Photo by John Watkins

Hollywood Bowl Concert with Googoosh

Drummer - Producer - Composer

The Opera House, Dubai U.A.E.

The Dolby Theater, Hollywood Ca. before the show

Pictures taken while on tour, visit: The Beaten Path

"Playing soft is not my forte"