June 6th - Kusadasi w/Leila

June 4th - Istanbul w/Leila

June 1st - Colonge w/Leila

May 25th - London w/Leila

May 12th - Glendale w/Helen (Alex Theater)

December 31st - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

December 24th - Stockholm, Sweden w/Googoosh

December 22nd - London, England  w/Googoosh

December 17th - Frankfurt, Germany w/Googoosh

December 3rd - Vancouver, Canada w/Googoosh

November 26th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

November 19th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

October 29th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

October 22nd - Los Angeles w/Omid @ Dolby Theater
October 1st - Washington DC w/Googoosh

September 24th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

September 17th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

September 11th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

September 4th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

September 1st - Los Angeles w/Tamara Gabriel

August 28th - New York City w/Black Cats

August 27th - Atlanta w/Googoosh

August 20th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

August 19th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

July 23rd - San Jose w/Faramarz Aslani

July 16th - Los Angeles w/Black Cats

June 25th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

June 4th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

May 29th - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

May 28th - Chicago w/Googoosh

May 14th - Los Angeles w/Googoosh @ Microsoft Theater

May 7th - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

May 6th - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

April 30th - Toronto, Canada w/Googoosh

April 23rd - Phoenix, w/Reza Sadeghi

April 16th - Orange County w/Reza Sadeghi

April 9th - San Jose w/Googoosh

April 1st - Cologne, Germany w/Sami Beigi

March 31st - Antalya, Turkey w/Omid

March 29th - Antalya, Turkey w/Googoosh

March 27th - Antalya, Turkey w/Sami Beigi

March 25th - Antalya, Turkey w/Omid

March 23rd - Antalya, Turkey w/Googoosh

March 22rd - Antalya, Turkey w/Sami Beigi

March 19th  - New York w/Googoosh

March 12th - Orlando w/Googoosh

March 5th - Dallas w/Reza Sadeghi

February 20th - Los Angeles w/Reza Sadeghi @ Microsoft Theater

February 13th - Seattle w/Reza Sadeghi

January 29th - 31st, 2016 Mexico Cruise w/Various Artists

Dave Haddad

December 28th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

December 27th - Las Vegas w/Googoosh & Ebi

December 24th - Los Angeles w/Tic Norasingh

December 23rd - London, England w/Googoosh & Ebi

December 20th - Koln, Germany w/Googoosh & Ebi

November 29th - San Jose w/Googoosh & Ebi

November 28th - Washington DC w/Googoosh & Ebi

November 22nd - Washington DC w/Omid

November 15th - San Jose w/Omid

November 8th - Vancouver - w/Googoosh & Ebi

October 25th - Los Angeles - w/Siavash Ghomeyshi

August 9th - Los Angeles w/Sevent 

July 6th  - Los Angeles w/Sevent

June 21st - Toronto wGoogoosh & Ebi

Performance Schedule

December 31st - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

December 26th - Las Vegas w/Sami Beigi

December 25th - Las Vegas w/Sami Beigi

December 19th - Hamburg, Germany w/ Googoosh

December 13th - Melbourne, Australia w/ Googoosh

December 12th - Sydney, Australia w/ Googoosh

November 28th - Los Angeles w/Sami Beigi @ Dolby Theater

November 15th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

November 8th - Los Angeles w/TBA

October 24th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

October 11th - Toronto, Cananda w/Kouros

October 3rd - Vancouver, Canada w/Benyamin

October 2nd - Toronto, Canada w/Benyamin

September 27th _ Orlando w/Benyamin

September 26th _ Houston w/Benyamin

September 25th _ Phoenix w/Benyamin

September 20th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

September 19th - Orange County w/Benyamin

September 12th - Washington DC w/Benyamin

September 6th - Denver w/Sevent

September 5th - New York w/Benyamin

August 30th - Antalya, Turkey w/Googoosh

August 23rd - Los Angeles w/Sevent

August 22nd - Los Angeles w/Sevent

August 16th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

August 15th - Portland w/Benyamin

August 14th - Seattle w/Benyamin

August 8th  - Los Angeles w/Sevent

July 31st  - Chicago w/Benyamin

July 25th  - Los Angeles w/Benyamin @ Microsoft Theater

July 18th  - San Jose w/Benyamin

June 6th - Los Angeles w/Kazem Alemi

May 18th - Nice, France w/Googoosh

May 9th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

April 4th - Montreal w/Googoosh

March 28th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

March 21st - Toronto w/Omid

March 20th - New York w/Omid

March 14th - Washington DC w/Rana

March 13th - London w/Rana

March 8th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

March 1st - Los Angeles w/Various Artists @ The Dolby Theater 

February 28th - Los Angeles w/Neil Deal

February 27th - Los Angeles w/Neil Deal

February 15th - Toronto w/Shahram Solati

February 14th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

January 31st, 2015 - Los Angeles w/Sevent


October 24th - Florida w/Tapestry

October 22nd - South Carolina w/Tapestry

All Dates in RED have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic:

April 18th - Los Angeles w/Rouge

March  31st - Istanbul, Turkey w/Leila

March  29th - Istanbul, Turkey w/Leila

March  27th - Antalya, Turkey w/Leila

March  24th - Antalya, Turkey w/Leila

March  23rd - Istanbul, Turkey w/Leila

March  21st - Baku, Azerbaijan w/Leila

March  20th - Dubai, U.A.E. w/Leila

March 15th - Sacramento w/ Shahram Solat

March 13th - New York w/ Shahram Solati

March 7th - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati
March 6th - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

March 5th - Saudi Arabia w/Leila

February 15th - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

February 14th, 2020 - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

I am missing a few years ..... 2012 - 2009 not posted
Shows from 2008 - 2006 listed below 

December 30th - Hamburg, Germany w/Googoosh

December 23rd - Dusseldorf, Germany w/Googoosh

December 22nd - Gothenburg, Sweden w/Googoosh

​December 16th - Los Angeles w/Mohsen Yeganeh @ Microsoft Theater

December 15th - San Jose w/Mohsen Yeganeh

December 9th - Atlanta w/Omid

December 1st - Montreal, Canada w/Googoosh

November 22nd - Los Angeles w/Sevent

 November 18th - Phoenix w/Faramarz Aslani & Rana

October 29th - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

October 21st - Toronto, Canada w/Googoosh

September 16th - Calgary, Canada w/Googoosh

September 9th - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

September 7th - Cyprus w/Googoosh

September 3rd - Tabilisi, Georgia w/Googoosh

August 31st - Yeravan, Armenia w/Googoosh

July 1st - Anaheim w/Googoosh

June 25th - Los Angeles w/Benyamin @ Dolby Theater

June 24th - Toronto, Canada w/Leila

June 23rd - Ottawa, Canada w/Leila

June 18th - Los Angeles w/Haroot @ Dolby Theater

June 17th - Vancouver, Canada w/Omid

June 3rd - Los Angeles w/Sevent

May 28th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

May 13th - Atlanta w/Benyamin

May 12th - Phoenix w/Kouros

May 5th - Kuwait w/Googoosh

April 15th - New York w/Omid

March 25th - San Jose w/Benyamin

March 24th - Dubai, UAE w/Googoosh

March 18th - New York w/Googoosh

March 11th - LosAngeles w/Black Cats @ The Doldy Theater

February 18th - Houston w/Googoosh

February 4th, 2017 - Phoenix w/Googoosh

March 25th - Batumi w/Leila

March 22nd - Stockholm w/Leila

March 19th - Gothenburg w/Leila

March 17th - Frankfurt w/Leila

March 16th - Munich w/Leila

March 7th - Los Angeles w/Oliver Hakim

February 17th - Toronto w/Leila

February 16th - Toronto w/Leila

January 20th - Houston w/Shahram - CANCELED

January 6th - Atlanta w/Shahram


October 31st – Calgary, Canada w/Kamran & Hooman 

October 26th – Los Angeles w/ Kasha

October 25th – Los Angeles w/ Kasha

October 19th – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia w/Kamran & Hooman

October 12th – Paris, France w/Kamran & Hooman

October 11th – Frankfurt, Germany w/Kamran & Hooman

October 5th – Hamburg, Germany w/Kamran & Hooman

October 4th – Hannover, Germany w/Kamran & Hooman

October 3rd – Amsterdam, Netherlands w/Kamran & Hooman

September 27th – Washington DC w/Kamran & Hooman

September 21st – Los Angeles w/Kasha

September 20th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

September 14th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

September 13th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

August 31st - Los Angeles w/Kasha

August 30th - Los Angeles w/Kasha

August 24th - Los Angeles w/Kasha

August 17th - Los Angeles w/Kasha

August 16th - Los Angeles w/Kasha

August 1st – Hollywood – Viper Room w/Dirt

July 31st – Orange County w/Sepideh

July 19th – Los Angeles - w/Kasha

July 12th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

July 9th – Los Angeles - Temple Bar w/Kasha

July 3rd – Los Angeles w/Kasha

June 28th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

June 26th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

June 22nd – Los Angeles w/Kasha

June 21st – Los Angeles w/Kasha

June 15th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

June 1st – Los Angeles w/Kasha

May 31st – Los Angeles w/Kasha

May 25th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

May 24th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

April 13th - Los Angeles w/Kasha

April 12th - Los Angeles w/Kasha

April 10th - Los Angeles @ The Temple Bar w/Kasha

April 6th - Los Angeles w/Kasha

April 5th - Los Angeles w/Kasha

March 29th - Los Angeles w/Kasha

March 26th - Dubai, U.A.E. w/Googoosh

March 22nd - San Diego w/Kasha

March 16th - Los Angeles w/Kasha

March 15th – Houston w/Googoosh & Mehrdad

March 8th - Los Angeles w/Kasha

March 2nd – New York City w/Kasha

March 1st - Los Angeles w/Kasha

February 24th– Los Angeles w/Kasha

February 23rd – Los Angeles w/Kasha

February 16th – San Diego w/Shahram Solati

February 9th – Philadelphia w/Sepideh

February 3rd – Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

February 2nd – Ft. Lauderdale w/Shahram Solati

January 26th – Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

January 13th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

January 12th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

January 11th, 2008– New York w/Shohreh

December 31st - Los Angeles w/Omid

December 28th - Los Angeles w/Omid

December 27th - Los Angeles w/Omid

November 30th - Los Angeles w/Shahkar

November 2nd - Los Angeles, w/Mohammadreza Golzar

October 12th - San Diego w/Ground Control

October 5th - Vienna, Austria w/Shahkar

September 27th - Stockholm, Sweden w/Shahkar

September 21st - Rotterdam, Netherlands w/Shahkar

September 1st - Los Angeles w/26 Orchestra

August 10th - Los Angeles w/26 Orchestra

August 8th - Los Angeles w/Dale Head & MindWinder Orchestra

July 20th - Los Angeles w/26 Orchestra

June 22nd - Newport Beach w/Ground Control

June 8th - Los Angeles w/Arash

May 26th - Los Angeles w/26 Orchestra

May 25th - Los Angeles w/26 Orchestra

May 11th - Toronto, Canada w/Leila Forouhar

May 10th - Toronto, Canada w/Leila Forouhar

May 3rd - Las Vegas w/Ground Control

April 27th - Phoenix w/Leila Forouhar

April 6th - Stuttgart, Germany w/Leila Forouhar

April 5th - Stockholm, Sweden w/Leila Forouhar

March 30th - Copenhagen, Denmark w/Leila Forouhar

March 27th - Antalya, Turkey w/Leila Forouhar

March 25th - Istanbul, Turkey w/Leila Forouhar

March 23rd - Koln, Germany w/Leila Forouhar​
March 22nd - Zurich, Switzerland w/Leila Forouhar

March 20th - London, UK (BBC Live) w/Leila Forouhar

March 17th - London w/Martik
March 15th - Sulaymaniyeh, Kurdistan w/Leila Forouhar

March 9th - London, UK w/Leila Forouhar

March 3rd - Pasadena - Church Service
February 23rd - Toronto, Canada w/Googoosh & Martik

February 16th - Los Angeles w/Faramarz Aslani
February 15th - Los Angeles w/Faramarz Aslani
February 14th - Los Angeles w/Faramarz Aslani

January 12th - Houston w/Googoosh & Martik

January 5th, 2019 - Los Angeles w/26 Orchestra​


December 24th - Las Vegas w/Leila (Canceled)

December 23rd - Vancouver w/Leila (Canceled)

December 10th - Germany w/Leila

December 3rd - Atlanta w/Sami Beigi (Canceled)

Novemrber 12th - Toronto w/Leila (Canceled)

November 5th - San Jose w/Shahkar

October 29th - Toronto w/Shahkar

October 15th - Montreal w/Shahkar

October 8th - Boston w/Shahkar

​October 1st - Chicago w/Shahkar

September 18th - Istanbul, Turkey w/Sami Beigi

September 10th - Los Angeles - Omid Soltani (Dolby Theater)

September 3rd - Chicago w/Leila

August 20th - Los Angeles - w/Shahryar Rumi

July 30th - Sydney, AU w/Leila

July 29th - Melbourne, AU w/Leila

July 27th - Adelaide, AU w/Leila

​July 25th - Perth, AU w/Leila

​July 23rd - Brisbane, AU w/Leila

July 22nd - Auckland, NZ w/Leila

July 10th - Los Angeles w/Matick

July 2nd - Sacramento w/Helen & Ramsha

May 27th - Winnipeg w/Shahram Solati

May 21st - Washington DC w/Shahkar

​May 20th - Vancouver w/Sami Beigi

April 15th - Toronto w/Sami Beigi

April 9th - San Francisco w/Martik

​April 8th - Glendale, Ca. w/Jazz Quartet

March 29th - Antalya, Turkey w/Leila Forouhar

March 24th - Antalya, Turkey w/Leila Forouhar

March 21sth - Berlin, Germany w/Leila Forouhar

March 20th - Istanbul, Turkey w/Leila Forouhar

March 19th - Cologne, Germany w/Leila Forouhar

March 12th - Los Angeles w/Bijan Mortazvi

March 11th - Los Angeles w/Bijan Mortazvi

March 5th - Sierra Madre, Ca. w/Jim Wrightt

February 26th - New York, w/Shahkar

February 24th - Glendale, Ca. w/Jazz Quartet

February 20th - Glendale, Ca. w/Jazz Quartet

February 12th - Dallas, w/Shahkar

January 8th - Redwood City w/Martik (canceled)

January 1st - Los Angeles w/Omid


September 14th - Atlanta w/Farzad Farzin

September 7th - Beverly Hills w/Farzad Farzin

September 6th -  Los Angeles w/Helen

August 17th - San Jose w/Farzad Farzin

August 16th - Los Angeles w/Leila

August 10th - Houston w/Farzad Farzin

August 3rd- Washington DC w/Farzad Farzin

July 27th - Orange County w/Farzad Farzin

July 26th - Los Angeles w/Helen


List of my live performances along with the artists. Having this online log

is a way for me to remember my trips and for viewers of my crazy schedule!


June 7th - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

May 31st - Los Angeles w/Sevent

May 25th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

May 24th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

April 19th - Los Angeles w/Sevent


December 31st - Los Angeles w/Essi

December 22nd - Las Vegas w/Googoosh & Martik

December 15th - Vienna, Austria w/Googoosh & Martik

December 9th - London, UK w/Googoosh & Martik

December 8th - Stockholm, Sweden w/Googoosh & Martik

November 30th - Chicago w/Googoosh

November 22nd - Los Angeles w/Armenian Telethon
November 17th - Orlando w/Googoosh

November 3rd - Sydney, Australia w/Googoosh

November 2nd - Melbourne, Australia w/Googoosh

October 3rd - Kansas City w/Ground Control

September 15th - Los Angeles w/Martik

July 28th - New York w/Faramarz Aslani

June 22nd - New Jersey w/Omid

June 16th - Los Angeles w/26Orchestra

May 26th - Vancouver, BC w/Googoosh​​

May 12th - Los Angeles w/Googoosh @ Hollywood Bowl

May 9th - New York w/Bijan

May 6th - Los Angeles w/Armenian Concert

May 5th - Phoenix w/Bijan

April 21st - Los Angeles w/Rastin & Rana

April 14th - San Jose w/Googoosh​

March 25th - Istanbul, Turkey w/Googoosh

March 23rd - Yerevan, Armenia w/Googoosh

March 22nd - Tbilisi, Georgia w/Googoosh

​March 20th - Dubai, U.A.E. w/Googoosh

March 17th - Amsterdam, Netherlands w/Googoosh 

March 3rd - New York w/Googoosh

March 1st - Los Angeles w/Various Artists - Benefit for Aghili

February 28th - Hollywood w/Various Artists - Live BBC Broadcast

February 25th - Los Angeles w/Various Artists - Benefit for Mashiat

February 24th - Washington DC w/Googoosh

February 10th - Los Angeles w/Rastin @ LA Live - CANCELLED

February 3rd - San Jose w/Farzad Farzin
January 28th - Los Angeles w/Sevent​
January 27th - Los Angeles w/Farzad Farzin @ Dolby Theater
January 20th - Houston w/Farzad Farzi​
January 9th - Atlanta w/Farzad Farzin

January 7th, 2018 - Los Angeles w/Sevent​

November 23th - Vienna w/Leila

November 16th - Hamburg w/Leila

November 9th - Amsterdam w/Leila

October 26th - Montreal w/ Noosh Afarin

Drummer - Producer - Composer


December 31st - Los Angeles w/Omid

December 26th - Las Vegas w/Omid

December 25th - Las Vegas w/Martik

December 23rd - Glendale @ Veranda w/Jazz Quartet

December 18th - Glendale, CA. w/Phoenix

December 4th - Vancouver, CA. w/Shahkar​

November 20th - Las Vegas w/26 Orchestra

October 19th - Los Angeles w/Matick

October 24th - Los Angeles w/26 Orchestra

October 17th - Los Angeles w/26 Orchestra (Canceled)

October 9th - Los Angeles w/Matick

October 5th - Glendale @ Veranda w/Jazz Quartet

September 23rd - Los Angeles @Flame w/Phoenix

September 9th - Glendale @ Veranda w/Jazz Quartet

September 5th - Los Angeles w/26 Orchestra

August 26th - Glendale @ Veranda w/Jazz Quartet

August 24th - Glendale @ Veranda w/Jazz Quartet

August 18th - Glendale @ Veranda w/Jazz Trio

August 15th - Los Angeles w/26 Orchestra

May 8th - Los Angeles w/26 Orchestra

March 17th - Los Angeles w/Avang Persian New Year

March 6th, 2021 - Los Angeles w/BBC Persian New Year


December 30th - San Jose w/Leila Forouhar

​December 28th - Dubai w/Leila Forouhar

December 24th - Las Vegas w/Shahram Shabpareh

December 16th - Toronto w/Leila Forouhar

December 15th - Montreal w/Leila Forouhar

December 9th - Vancouver w/Shahram Shabpareh

December 2nd - Chicago w/Shahram Shabpareh

November 28th - Dubai w/Shahram Shabpareh

November 20th - Manchester w/Shahram Shabpareh
November 19th - London w/Shahram Shabpareh
November 18th - London w/Shahram Shabpareh

October 21st - Toronto w/Omid Soltani

October 15th - Toronto w/Shahram Shabpareh

October 14th - Toronto w/Shahram Shabpareh

October 8th - Montreal w/Shahram Shabpareh

September 30th - Orange County w/Leila

September 23rd - Vancouver w/Shakar

​August 26th - Dallas w/Shahram Shabpareh

August 19th - Uzbekistan w/Leila

July 29th - Los Angeles w/Erfan Paydar

July 22nd - San Jose w/Shahram Shabpareh

July 21st - Vancouver w/Sami Beigi

July 15th - Washington DC w/Shahram Shabpareh

July 8th - Los Angeles w/Shahram Shabpareh

July 1st - Simi Valley w/Itay Benda

​June 30th - Glendale w/dj Safa

June 25th - Pasadena w/Shahbal Shabpareh

June 23rd - Toronto w/Sami Beigi

June 3rd - Irvine w/dj Safa

April 22nd - New York w/Shahram Shabpareh

April 8th - Atlanta w/Sami Beigi (Canceled)

March 20th - Istanbul w/Leila

March 18th - Berlin w/Leila

March 17th - Stuttgart w/Leila

February 25th - Los Angeles w/Shamaizadeh

February 18th - New York w/Martik (Canceled)

February 11th - Los Angeles w/Leila

December 30th 2006 – Toronto, Canada w/Sepideh

December 24th – Las Vegas w/Faramarz Aslani

December 23rd – Las Vegas w/Bijan

December 22nd – Las Vegas w/Sepideh & Farshid Amin

December 15th – Los Angeles w/The BabyDolls

December 2nd – Toronto, Canada w/Farshid Amin

November 25th – Los Angeles w/Martik

NLos Angeles w/Martik

November 19th – Los Angeles w/Martik

November 18th - Houston w/Bijan & Sheila

November 14th – Beverly Hills w/Bijan

November 11th – Los Angeles w/Martik

October 28th - Orange County w/Sepideh

September 30th - New York City w/Sepideh

September 23rd - Toronto, Canada w/Bijan

September 16th - Los Angeles w/Martik

September 10th - Los Angeles w/Martik

September 9th - San Francisco w/Martik

September 4th - Los Angeles w/Martik

September 3rd - Los Angeles w/Martik

September 2nd - Los Angeles w/Martik

August 26th - Los Angeles w/Martik

August 19th - Los Angeles w/Martik

August 13th - Los Angeles w/Martik

August 12th - Los Angeles w/Martik

August 5th - Los Angeles w/Martik

July 29th - San Diego w/Martik

July 15th - Los Angeles w/Martik

July 8th - Los Angeles w/Martik

July 3rd - Orange County w/Martik

June 24th - Los Angeles w/Martik

June 10th - New York w/Martik

June 4th - Los Angeles w/Farshid Amin

May 28th - Los Angeles w/Martik

May 27th - Los Angeles w/Martik

May 21st - Los Angeles w/Martik

May 7th - Van Nuys (Israeli Festival) w/RebJason

April 22nd - Atlanta w/Sepideh

April 12th - Tajikistan w/Leila

April 11th - Tajikistan w/Leila

April 10th - Tajikistan w/Leila

April 9th - Tajikistan w/Leila

April 8th - Tajikistan w/Leila

April 1st - Salt Lake City w/Bijan

March 27th - Dubai U.A.E. w/Sepideh

March 23th - Dubai U.A.E. w/Andy

March 20th - Toronto w/Pouya

March 18th - Houston w/Shahram K & Nooshafarin

March 17th - Vancouver w/Shahram K

March 11th - Washington DC w/Sepideh

March 4th - Washington DC w/Bijan

February 24th - Seattle w/Nooshafarin

February 11th - Philadelphia w/Bijan

January 14th, 2006 - New York w/Bijan

April 12th - Los Angeles w/Ahmadreza Nabizadeh

March 22nd to April 2nd 2014 - Antalya, Turkey w/Various Artists

March 21st - Dubai - w/Googoosh & Ebi

March 15th - New York City w/Googoosh

March 9th - Vancouver - Gala Event

March 14th - Toronto w/Leila

March 8th - San Francisco w/Leila

March 7th - Toronto- Gala Event

March 1st Washington Dc w/Googoosh

February 22nd - San Jose w/Googoosh

February 13th - Glendale - Gala Event

February 9th - Chicago w/Ehsan

 February 8th - Dallas w/Googoosh

February 7th - Seattle w/Ehsan

February 1st - Los Angeles w/Ehsan @ Nokia Theater

January 31st - Montreal  w/Omid & Helen

January 19th - San Jose w/Ehsan

January 18th - New York Cirty w/Ehsan

January 17th, 2014 - Atlanta w/Ehsan

December 31st 2013 - Los Angeles w/Kouros

December 28th - Stockholm, Sweden w/Googoosh

December 25th - Koln, Germany w/Googoosh

December 21st - Vienna, Austria w/Googoosh

November 30th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

November 9th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

November 7th - Los Angeles w/Ground Control & Project M

November 2nd - Los Angeles w/Hamid Talebzadeh

November 1st - Los Angeles w/Hamid Talebzadeh

October 26th - Sydney, Australia w/Googoosh

October 25th - Melbourne, Australia w/Googoosh

October 19th - LosAngeles w/Sevent

October 12th - Tel Aviv, Israel w/Shahram Solati

October 3rd - Los Angeles wBabyDolls

September 28th - Ottawa, Canada w/Googoosh

September 7th - Vancouver, Canada w/Googoosh

September 1st - Los Angeles w/Sevent

August 25th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

August 18th - Antalya, Turkey w/Googoosh

August 11th - Antalya, Turkey w/Shahram Solati

July 29th - Los Angeles w/Rob Vinton

July 27th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

July 18th - Los Angeles w/Sevent

July 9th - Los Angeles w/Project M

June 27th - Los Angeles w/Dirt

June 22nd - Malibu w/Project M

June 15th - Los Angeles w/Alexis Fox

June 10th - Los Angeles w/Ground Control

May 29th - Los Angeles w/Rob Vinton

May 18th - San Francisco w/Shahram Solati & Firouzeh

May 11th - Toronto, Canada w/Googoosh

April 13th - San Jose w/Sattar & Hamid Talebzadeh

April 6th - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

March 26th - London, England w/Googoosh

March 24th - Dubai, U.A.E. w/Googoosh

March 8th - Toronto, Canada w/TV Show

March 3rd - Los Angeles w/Rana Mansour

February 23rd - Los Angeles w/Ground Control (Party for "The Voice")

February 17th - Toronto, Canada W/Sami Beigi

January 26th - Los Angeles w/Shahkar @ Nokia Theater

January 6th, 2013 - Los Angeles w/Black Cats

December 31st 2007- Beverly Hills w/Kasha

December 29th – London, England @ Hammersmith w/Googoosh & Mehrdad

December 27th – Stockholm, Sweden @ Globen w/Googoosh & Mehrdad

December 25th – Oberhausen, Germany @ Konig Pilsner Arena w/Googoosh & Mehrdad

December 22nd - Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

December 21st – Vancouver w/Andy

December 8th - Los Angeles w/Baby Dolls

December 6th– Los Angeles w/ Kasha

December 1st – Vancouver @ Queen Elizabeth Hall w/Googoosh & Mehrdad

November 24th – Washington D.C. w/Shahram Solati

November 23rd – Los Angeles w/Kasha

November 21st – Los Angeles w/Kasha

November 11th – Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

November 9th - Dubai, UAE w/Andy

November 7th - Dubai, UAE w/Andy

November 3rd – Los Angeles w/Kasha

October 31st - Birmingham, England w/Sepideh

October 30th - Glasgow, Scotland w/Sepideh

October 28th – London, England w/Sepideh

October 20th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

October 7th – Toronto w/Shahram Solati

October 6th– San Jose w/ Bijan

September 15th – Miami w/Googoosh

September 8th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

September 2nd – New York City w/Shahram Solati

September 1st – Los Angeles w/Kasha

August 30th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

August 25th – New York w/Kasha

August 19th – Los Angeles w/Pouya

August 18th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

August 11th – Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

August 7th – New York City w/Shahram Solati

August 4th – Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

July 29th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

July 28th – New York City w/Bijan

July 21st – San Francisco w/Shahram Solati

July 7th - Toronto, Canada w/Googoosh

July 1st – Los Angeles w/Nooshafarin

June 30th - Los Angeles w/Martik

June 23rd - Los Angeles w/Nooshafarin

June 17th - Los Angeles w/Kasha

June 16th - Los Angeles w/Pouya

June 9th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

June 7th – Los Angeles w/Rebbe Soul

June 3rd – Los Angeles w/Shahram Solati

June 2nd – Los Angeles w/Shahrum K

May 26th – San Diego w/Kia

May 19th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

May 11th – Orange County, CA. w/Nooshafarin

May 5th – Orlando, FL w/Sepideh

April 28th – Houston, TX w/Bijan

April 21st – Washington DC w/Bijan

April 7th – San Francisco w/Sepideh

April 1st - Paris, France w/Andy

March 31st – Madrid, Spain w/Andy

March 29th - Dubai, U.A.E. w/Andy

March 28th - Dubai, U.A.E. w/Andy

March 27th – Dubai, U.A.E. w/Shahram Solati

March 25th - Toronto, Canada w/Bijan

March 24th – Miami, Fl. w/Bijan

March 23rd – Orlando, Fl. w/Bijan

March 18th – Hollywood Park Casino w/Kasha

March 17th – Los Angeles w/Kasha

March 10th – Los Angeles w/Bijan

February 23rd - Los Angeles w/RebJason

February 18th – Orange Country (Club Bellagio) w/Shahrum K

February 17th - Los Angeles w/Martik

February 11th – Long Beach w/The Baby Dolls

February 9th – Glendale (Alex Theater) w/Nooshafarin & Kia

February 4th - Los Angeles w/Omid

February 2nd - Los Angeles w/Martik

January 20th – Los Angeles w/Jamshid

January 13th - Los Angeles w/Martik

January 6th, 2007 - Los Angeles w/Omid