Evolution - 2012

"Global Chilling" a new 2017 release from CenterPeace

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Earthbound Special Edition - 2012

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"Global Chilling" is an instrumental production with all live performances, very little programming or sampling. This compilation is more progressive than the band’s first release "Songs from the Womb" (double CD with vocals and instrumentals). "Global Chilling" features inspiring guitar work, fantastic saxophone solos and mesmerizing rhythm tracks. This is great headphone music with each song building up to the next taking the listener higher with each track.... The CD begins with "Global Chilling Part 1", a peaceful, meditative track which quickly suck the listener in and the next thing you know you're on a journey through introspective and contemplative moments then back again to a fulfilling and invigorating listening experience. You have never before heard a sound quite like "CenterPeace".

Earthbound - 2011

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"Songs from the Womb" - Double CD - 2010

CenterPeace's first release

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CenterPeace is the creation of professional drummer/music producer - songwriter Dave Haddad.

This is groove music... Innovative drum and percussion arrangements with simple melodies,

dynamic passages and colorful textures.

Listeners describe a multi-cultural sound, surprising, exciting and intriguing.

You will hear elements of rock, jazz, world, soul and new age

but the CenterPeace sound is truly unique and universal.

Dave Haddad's Original Music Project