Lemoyne Alexander (LA)

Lexi Lawson
Louie Ruiz

Lowery Brothers Band
Majeed Ghorbaneh      
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Meritxell Negre
Michael Artuni

​Michael Gregory

Mike McGuffey
Mohsen Yeganeh

Nicki Gonzalas
Neeyah Lynn Rose
Omid Soltani
Orbel Babayan
Phil Hacopians
Polly Klemmer
Party Posh

Pretty Retro
Project M
Q Ball
Rana Mansour

Randy Stark
Ray Zod
Reza Mahjoub

Rhythm Collective

Richie Gajate Garcia

Rick Will

​Robert Alfieri

​Robert Turner​

Rob Vinton

​​​Roma Kanyan

Elan Artists

Elton Ahi

Farnaz Michelle

Frances Plante-Scott
Frank Garrett
Freddie Bonjar
Gary Epps

Gershwin Sings Gershwin

Ground Control
Gypsy Jazz
Hamid Xeno
Heironymous Anonymous
Hengi Wengi

Hova Burian

Homayoun Shajarian
Immortal Hero

Iraj Lashkary

Ira Gonzalas
Jac Mahanovik
Jersey Boys
Jim Wright
John Anonymous
John McCloy

JP Mourao
Kamran & Hooman
Kasha Music Group
Katie Boeck
Kaveh Karandish

Kid Paco
Kurt Shiflet

Laurhen Beato

Leah Zeger

Legend Video

Drum sets:

Drum Workshop Collectors Series (Marine Pearl White)

18X22 Kick, 10, 12, 14, 16 toms. gorgeous!



Drum Workshop Collector Series (Turquoise Blue)

18x22" kick, 10", 12", 14" toms. pristine

Yamaha Power Recording Custom

16x22" kick, 10", 12", 14", 16" toms. tuned

Ludwig Silver Sparkle Kit

14X20" kick, 13" and 16" toms. vintage

Sonor Maple Kit

18x22" Kick, 10", 12", 14" toms. yellow

Variety of snare drums including an amazing5 1/2 X 14 Solid Maple Craviotto Snare!!

Large amount of cymbals and percussion instruments

The Womb Recording Studio

An intimate studio with two iso. rooms. 16 channels of simultaneous analog to digital audio recording.

A dedicated live drum room also ideal for live bands, over dubs, midi, re-mixing, composing etc..

Can manage 'distant recording' and remote recordings with my isolation recording rooms.

Dave Haddad

Pandemic pic...

26 Orchestra

A Gypsy’s Tale
Albert Quan Wing

Ali Mansouri

Ali Sanaei
Andras Wahorn
Andy G
Arlin Vartanian

Art Corey
Audrey Hope

Ayo Awosika
Babak Amini
Barbara Ochoa

Bijan Mortazavi
Bill Pittman

Bone Of Contention
Bonnie Brooksbank

Brenda Craven
Brent Fischer
Buzz Meade
Cara C

​Carl Vincent

Caro Pierotto
Chet Cline

Chris Nordlinger
Cowboy Surfer
Derol Caraco

David James

​Daniel Landau

Dynamite Beat Puppies

"The Womb" 

Drummer - Producer - Composer

The Chill Zone

Recording Equipment:

Cubase 6.5 and Wavelab 7, Two Motu 2408's mk3's, Motu MTP AV, Allen & Heath Mixer

16 Channels to hard disk: API 3124 Mic Pre, API A2D Mic Pre, DBX 760x  

TL Audio Tube Pre, Modified Symetrix Mic Pre, PreSonus M80

Past and present clients of "The Womb" 

Studio Details:

Roland A80 keyboard Controller

Akai MiniAK Synth

Korg Triton-Rack 

Roland JV1080 

Roland SPD-SX Drum Pad 

Line6 PODxt 

20bit adat 

Yamaha P20 Monitors

KRK V6 monitors 

KRK Rokit 10 Sub

Two isolation booths!! 

Acoustically sound room!!  

Easy load in

Multiple parking spaces

Fantastic Environment...

A Mix of Session Pics

This session happened 1 month before the Covid19 pandemic and everyone was fine, no infections. 

Studio can fit 4 people at one time comfortably and maintain necessary distancing....

Neumann 40th Anniversary U87

Rode K2 

(2) AKG 414's

(2) Shure KSM32's 

(2) Sennheiser 421's 

(2) Octava MK-012's (modified)

(3) Audix D2 Drum Mics

​Sennheiser e838

Shure SM81 Shure

Shure Beta 52 

AKG D112 

Shure Beta 91 
Shure Beta SM57 

Shure Beta 58A 

(4) SM57's

(4) SM58's 

Sacramento Brass Quintet
Safa Darman

Sarah Brandon

Schubert Avakian

Scotty Fox
Sea Breeze
Sevent Orchestra
Shabbat Rocks

Shabnam Jaleh
Shahin Yousefzamani
Shams Ensemble

Shaun Ellis

Sia Davarnia
Smithfield Bargain

Sri Panchalam

Staci Marlo

Stephanie Paris

Steven Applegate

Steve Hofer
Stone Rain
Stu Schulman
Tahmoures Pournazeri

Tate Simms

Taylor Gordon
T-Bone Steak

Ted Owens
The Johnson’s
The Melodies
The Neil Deal

The Walk Ons
Timothy Drury
Vache Ter-Yegishian
Velvet Mood
Vintage Confidential