Drummer - Producer - Composer

"Medieval Games" Music Video from CenterPeace

World Music Sampler

Led Zeppelin's "Mody Dick"

House Party 2001

Artist Profile DVD from 2012

with Commentary

Dave's Teaching Materials and Methods

10 Song Sampler from Googoosh Concerts


Googoosh Concerts

Various Clips from 2016

Performing with Black Cats

July 2016

Elan Artists - "Vintage Confidential"

Music recorded in "The Womb" 

Elan Artists - "Ground Control"

Music recorded in "The Womb" 

Bone of Contention - "Bad Karma"

Recorded and mixed in "The Womb"

8 Song Sampler with "Steelin Dan"

Fast Jazz Waltz &

‚ÄčAfrican 6/8 Blend

Elan Artists - "Gen8"

Music recorded in "The Womb" 

"Josie" from "Steelin Dan"

Steely Dan Tribute Band

Bone of Contention - "Fickle Finger of Fate"

Music recorded in "The Womb"

"Lady and the Boys"

"Ain't Nobody" & "Bang a Gong"

Googoosh - 2 Minute Sampler

2018 Tours

Performing with The Neil Deal 

Ferbruary 2015

The band "Dirt" performing and untitled

instrumental song at Mambo's cafe

Michael Jackson Tribute by Rick Will

Recorded in "The Womb"

Elan Artists - "The Walk Ons"

Music recorded in "The Womb" 

Farzad Farzin Concert

Dolby Theater 2018

Practicing in "The Womb" 

‚ÄčSyncopated Groove

Shahkar Bineshpajooh - with Orchestra in Vienna, Austria

Practicing in "The Womb"

Random stuff

Reza Golzar Concert

Dolby Theater 2019

Performing with gifted singer songwriter and amazingly kind human Farramarz Aslani

Free form improv music

from Budapest, Hungary 2019

"Make Believe" Music Video from CenterPeace

Drum Solo in Dubai with

Percussionist Hamid Mohebfar

Faramarz Concert w/Babak Amini July 2016 2016

Various Clips from Live Performances, Samplers, Music Videos

and Recording Projects Recorded in "The Womb"

Practicing in "The Womb" 

Freestyle Drumming

Elan Artists - "Project M"

Music recorded in "The Womb"

Dave Haddad

Dale Head and the MindWinder Orchestra - Catalina's Jazz Club

Elan Artists - "Singer-Songwriter"

Music recorded in "The Womb"

"Lady and the Boys"

"All I ever wanted was to be with You"

Best Clips from various concerts

2018 Tours

Practicing in "The Womb"

Arabic and Persian Drumming

Performing with Ebi 

November 2014