Best Clips from various concerts

2018 Tours

Reza Golzar Concert

Dolby Theater 2019

Performing with gifted singer songwriter and amazingly kind human Farramarz Aslani

CeneterPeace Song - ​From Now To Eternity (Instrumental)

Most Popular Persian 6/8 Beats

​Promotional Demo

Performing with The Neil Deal 

Ferbruary 2015

Shahkar Bineshpajooh - with Orchestra in Vienna, Austria

Chill Groove With Simple Accompaniment

"Make Believe" Music Video from CenterPeace

Practicing in "The Womb"

Random stuff

"Lady and the Boys"

"Ain't Nobody" & "Bang a Gong"

"Lady and the Boys"

"All I ever wanted was to be with You"

"Josie" from "Steelin Dan"

Steely Dan Tribute Band

Bone of Contention - "Fickle Finger of Fate"

Music recorded in "The Womb"

Drum Solo in Dubai with

Percussionist Hamid Mohebfar

Led Zeppelin's "Mody Dick"

House Party 2001

Bone of Contention - "Bad Karma"

Recorded and mixed in "The Womb"

Dave's Teaching Materials and Methods

Tibilisi, Georgia with Googoosh

8 Song Sampler with "Steelin Dan"


Googoosh Concerts

Various Clips from 2016

With Kamran & Hooman

Calgary, Canada 2008

Farzad Farzin Concert

Dolby Theater 2018

Dave Haddad

Dale Head and the MindWinder Orchestra - Catalina's Jazz Club

Fast Jazz Waltz &

​African 6/8 Blend

CeneterPeace Song - ​From Now To Eternity

Faramarz Concert w/Babak Amini July 2016 2016

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Clips from Live Performances, Music Videos and Recording Projects 

Drummer - Producer - Composer

Practice Session Hightlights - Drum Solo!

"Medieval Games" Music Video from CenterPeace

Practicing in "The Womb"

Arabic and Persian Drumming

"Drum Cover" of Toto's ​Girl Goodbye Jeff Porcaro Tribute

Performing with Black Cats

July 2016

Practicing in "The Womb" 

Freestyle Drumming

Practicing in "The Womb" 

​Syncopated Groove

Dave's Birthday Party Jam 2021

Performing with Ebi 

November 2014